How to Check SuperBox Streaming Box Authenticity?

SuperBox has continuously delivered the best IPTV boxes and services over the years, staying true to our promise: offering lifetime service to all our customers. Today, SuperBox stands as the top streaming box on the market. To combat counterfeits, we’ve labeled all genuine SuperBox TV boxes. You can easily verify the authenticity of your SuperBox on our website.

Verify Your SuperBox in Three Simple Steps:

Step 1: Click <Verification> on the drop-down menu.


Step 2: Select your SuperBox model and enter the MAC ID.

Step 3: Enter the verification code and click the Search button.


Additionally, ensure your seller is authorized by checking on this page:

Step 1: Input the authorization code of the distributor/reseller.

Step 2: Enter the verification code and click.

Experience the unmatched quality and service of SuperBox, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your product is authentic and backed by our lifetime commitment.

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