SuperBox S5 Pro(2024 Edition)

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  • The new Android TV Box also offers Blue TV, Blue VOD, Playback, and Backup TV apps for a lifetime. Check out the SuperBox S5 Pro channel list.
  • The SuperBox S5 Pro is a premium edition of the SuperBox fully loaded IPTV boxes. Features stable streaming performance and ease of use, making it to be the best cord-cutter on the market.
  • The SuperBox S5 Pro comes with an upgraded voice command feature, you’re able to search specific TV channels, movies, and TV shows directly. Greatly improves user experience, especially for young and old people.
  • Compared to the S4 Pro, the SuperBox S5 Pro brings Android 12, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage, 1000Mbps ethernet port, and WiFi 6. And an upgraded voice control system.

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What’s New with S5 Pro

  • Android 12 Operating System
  • Upgraded Voice Command System
  • 4GB DDR + 32GB Storage
  • Support WiFi 6
  • 1000 Mbps Ethernet Port
  • Alloy case, premium edition

What’s In the Package

  • SuperBox S5 Pro*1
  • Voice Control Remote*1
  • HDMI Cable*1
  • Power Supply*1
  • User Guide*1


  • Best fully loaded IPTV box to watch your favorite News, Sports, and TV channels at any time, anywhere!
  • One purchase for a lifetime IPTV service!
  • Advanced built-in voice command function to search Live TV and VOD!
  • 24/7 Customer service online, answer all kinds of questions at any time!

Exclusive Apps

  • Blue TV: 1400+ Live TV Channels
  • Blue VOD: 15,000+ Video-on-demand, updating everyday
  • Playback: 85 Live TV Channels Playback in the last 7 days, no longer miss the excitement!
  • Backup TV app: All live TV Channels and VOD, no buffering and freezing


The SuperBox S5 Pro is the latest premium edition of SuperBox, and it’s an Android IPTV box that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies. It has 4GB RAM and 32GB storage, making it a powerful multimedia device. The box supports a 1000mbps ethernet connection and dual-band WiFi, and supports WiFi 6, ensuring a stable streaming experience. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control with an upgraded voice command system, making it easy to navigate and find what you want to watch.

Keep Evolving, Make Streaming Easier!

SuperBox S5 Pro features updated apps that make streaming easier than ever. With its unique voice command function, user-friendly interface, and improved functionality, users can quickly and easily access their favorite shows and movies with just a few clicks.

High-definition & Stable Streaming Experience

The SuperBox S5 Pro is equipped with the latest streaming and decoding technology, allowing you to enjoy realistic picture quality on compatible HDR TVs from the comfort of your home. The box is also known for its stability, making it a trusted choice for streaming.

4K Home Theatre Enjoyment

SuperBox is equipped with the most advanced streaming and decoding technology, you’re free to enjoy realistic picture quality at your home with SuperBox when connecting to a compatible HDR TV.


SuperBox S5 Pro

Operating System

Android 12


Dual Band(2.4G+5G), WiFi 6


Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53








2T2R (2 transmitters, 2 receivers)


Bluetooth 5.2, Ethernet, HDMI, Wi-Fi

Controller Type

Voice Control Remote, Keyboard Compatible

13 reviews for SuperBox S5 Pro(2024 Edition)

  1. Maclain McBride

    I’m in love with my SuperBox S5 Pro. The setup was a breeze and the wealth of channels available at my fingertips is simply astonishing.

  2. RichardRosoff

    I have been using the SuperBox S5PRO for a while now, and I must say, it’s the best investment I made this year. The exclusive adult channels offer a wide variety of content that caters to different interests. The sleek design seamlessly fits into my entertainment setup. It’s a complete package of quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

  3. Billie Laureano

    Bought the Superbox S5 Max two months back and it’s been fantastic! It performed exceptionally well during the Super Bowl. When I noticed the S5 Pro was released at such an unbelievable price, I didn’t hesitate to purchase two for my bedrooms.

  4. Jesus Godinez

    My family is loving the SuperBox. The parental controls are a godsend, ensuring my kids’ viewing is always appropriate. Strongly suggest this for families.

  5. Frank Ringenbach

    I can pick my favorite channels without any problem.i love it

  6. Lorenzo Naylor

    It’s rare to find tech that’s both advanced and easy to navigate. The setup is a breeze, the picture quality is way better than I thought.

  7. Jim Ringenbach

    The SuperBox S5 Pro(New) is elegant and user-friendly. It offers excellent performance, abundant storage, and speedy processing power. Its sleek design is perfect for women looking for a powerful and stylish device.

  8. Andrew Figueroa

    The SuperBox S5 Pro is a game-changer for elderly people. Its user-friendly design and exceptional functionality make it a must-have for seniors.

  9. Jackson

    This is my 3rd s5 pro, bought the S5 Max a few months ago, and later I found the S5 Pro is the best budget box. Works pretty much the same with S5 Pro, so I bought 3 more S5 PROs for my parents and brother

  10. Eric Regan

    I like and enjoy this unit. Pretty simple to set up. The Superbox S5 Pro delivers 4K magic on my screen. It’s transformed my movie nights into a luxurious experience.

  11. Ashlie Rasasy

    I got this for my parents as a housewarming gift so they don’t have to spend extra money on cable. This box is easy to set up and easy for my parents to learn how to use all the functions. My dad can find all the sports channels and fishing channels that he likes. My mom can watch all the reality shows and cooking show she likes at any time. I am happy that they love this gift and I will recommend it to my friends.

  12. Andrew William

    This is the future of home entertainment. The SuperBox S5 pro not only looks sleek but also packs a punch with its performance. Kudos to SuperBox for creating such a robust product.

  13. Harry Millard

    Got the Superbox S5pro and my binge-watching game is strong! Crystal-clear streams and the customer service is just as sharp.

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