Frequently Asked Questions

You can check FAQs or contact us directly if any questions.

Orders & Shipping

What payment methods do you accept?

We can accept credit cards and PayPal payment.

How to use the coupon code to get a discount?

When you add the product to your cart, move the cursor to the bag icon on the upper right, and click “VIEW CART”. Then you can enter your coupon code and click “Apply coupon”. Confirm the “Cart totals” and “Proceed to checkout”.

How long it will take to receive my orders?

It takes about a week after you submit the order and finished the payment. After the order has been confirmed, our staff will send out the package in 1-2 business days. And all orders usually ship from CA to you, it takes 3-5 business days to deliver to your place.

How to track my order?

When you submit your order, you will get your order number. After 1-2 business days, click “Track Order” on the Menu, input your order number and email address, then click the “Track” button. Or input your Tracking Number on the right side, and click the “Track” button.

Safety & Warranty

Yes, SuperBox is definitely a legal Android device. Watching a stream of movies, TV shows, and Sporting events won’t violate U.S. copyright law. You won’t encounter a law issue unless uploading, download, or broadcast content to a large group.

Do you have a warranty policy?

SuperBox warranty period lasts one year. If there are any problems with your SuperBox Android TV box, please contact your seller or our customer service. In the first, to save your time, our technical support will do the best to help you to solve the problem. For the worse case, if your hardware gets into trouble and you won’t able to fix it, you can send the product to us and we will repair it for free within one year. If your warranty period gets expired, you can still send the device to us for repair at separate cost. You’re still able to enjoy the service once the device been fixed. During the time of repair, we’ll offer an account to maintain your service.

How long has SuperBox been in business?

SuperBox has been around in the NA market for nearly 5 years since 2019. Another SuperBox branch-brand has been serving other regions for over 8 years.

General & Guidance

What is SuperBox?

SuperBox is an English-based Android TV box for home streaming entertainment. The latest SuperBox S4 Pro has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, utilizes a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, and supports Android 9.0 OS and 2T2R dual-band WiFi. By simply connecting to your TV and the internet, you’re free to enjoy the smoothest home theater experience.

Can I watch the Super Bowl for free with SuperBox?

Yes, you can watch all sports games including NFL, NBA, PPV, MLB, MLS, etc. for free!

What’s the difference between SuperBox S5 Max and S5 Pro?

The SuperBox S5 Max comes in a metallic blue casing, while the S5 Pro comes in the original black plastic casing. The S5 Max has a larger storage capacity of 64 GB, while the S5 Pro has 32 GB. Everything else is the same. The S5 pro retails for $329 online, and the S5 Max retails for $359 online.

What is SuperBox S5 Max?

The SuperBox S5 Max is the latest premium edition of SuperBox, and it’s an Android IPTV box that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies. Compared to previous versions, it has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, making it a powerful multimedia device. The iptv box supports a 1000mbps ethernet connection and dual-band WiFi, and supports WiFi 6, ensuring a stable streaming experience. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control with an upgraded voice command system, making it easy to navigate and find what you want to watch.

Is the SuperBox S5 Max remote control compatible with S4 Pro?

No. The SuperBox S5 Max voice command remote takes a different chip and system. It can’t be used for S4 Pro, S3 Pro. And vice versa. But the S5 Max remote is compatible with S5 Pro.

Do your products support voice commands?

Yes, both SuperBox S3 Pro and SuperBox S4 Pro can support voice command functions. First, insert two AAA batteries into the remote control and turn on the SuperBox S4 Pro. Keep the remote and TV box within 10 inches of each other and press the Voice button on the remote. Then, press the [OK] and [Return] buttons together until the indicator light flashes for pairing. Press the [OK] button until the red light stops blinking. Finally, go to [Settings]-[Remote&Accessories] to check if the device is connected. Look for the “RC-100” device to confirm the pairing. If the Bluetooth function or voice command function has some issues, you can re-connect it and pair it again to try it out.

Does SuperBox have Backups?

Yes, both SuperBox S3 Pro and SuperBox S4 Pro have the Backup TV apps. Just go to the APP Store and install it to your device.

How to access adult channels with SuperBox?

In order to protect minor users and continue to provide services to users, SuperBox has decided to stop providing adult content on all SuperBox devices from 2022.

Is a VPN required to use SuperBox?

VPN services or IP unblocking services are not required to operate SuperBox.

Is there a monthly fee for SuperBox?

No monthly charges at all. Unlike cable or subscriptions, SuperBox doesn’t require any monthly fees. Once you purchase the device, you can access all content for free.

Can you watch HBO, and Netflix for free on SuperBox?

SuperBox has its own apps that have the same channels as HBO, HULU, and Netflix. But if you still want to access HBO, HULU, and Netflix, you do need subscriptions.

Does Superbox have closed captioning?

Yes, you can turn on/off captions for all VOD. Just click the Right button on your remote, then select “Subtitle Tracks”, then chose to turn on or off the subtitles.